The Devistat Management Tool

“Easy to use interface for effortless reporting”

We have put lots of effort to make the Devistat feedback and reporting interfaces as easy to use as possible.

It is important to notice that we don’t collect only “satisfied or not” information but also the reasons behind the opinion. 

In the job satisfaction measuring tool and in the safety management application the reporting options are ample compared to the basic feedback tool.

“Colour-coded gauges on the dashboard gives you an instant understanding”

The Devistat analysis interface dashboard gives you instantly an understanding of what is going on in your business or organisation.

All the smart graphs are interactive with a drill down feature. This means that the general information is always available and when you want to dig deeper into the reasons you just tap the graph, and it opens the next level of information. 

“Root cause analysis in real-time”

The Devistat job satisfaction measuring tool and safety management application provides multiple advanced graphs. One of these ingenious graphs is an automated root cause analysis.

It doesn’t matter what your position is in your organisation the Devistat management tool provides you with a suitable set of graphs and tables to better tackle your daily tasks. HR, quality, safety management, customer relations and all the other professionals find a perfect set of charts to understand the results of the automated analysis quickly.

“Risk level, customer feedback, job satisfaction and revenue all in one graph”

There is an apparent connection between job satisfaction, risk level, customer experience and revenue. The Devistat management tool reveals this connection elegantly when fully utilised.

After you get used to seeing all the mentioned factors in one graph, it will be difficult for you to understand how you ever managed your business without this kind of information.