The main KPIs in healthcare are patient safety, and patient experience and both are only based on the work that people do. The Devistat solution gives a reliable way of measuring job satisfaction in real time and in that way provides the first time with an option to manage those KPIs directly based on knowledge.

As the Devistat provides information about job satisfaction, it also measures patient safety and patient experience in real time. When the real-time measurements of these three essentials – patient safety, patient experience and job satisfaction, are combined in one user interface, one can really understand what is happening in that organisation.

In labour intensive domains it is critical to measure the ”soft” things like job satisfaction and even more important it is to ensure that the measured information is available for decision makers as soon as possible, optimally in real time.

For many customers, it is an advantage that they can utilise the Devistat solution one module at the time. They find it beneficial to update first either their patient feedback system or process of measuring job satisfaction and update the other modules later on. The modular structure of the Devistat solution makes this possible.

With the help of the Devistat tool, you can enhance quality, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease personnel costs – everything without additional work or resources. If you are not happy with your results or our services, we give your money back.