Logistics & Transportation

Cutting costs and enhancing efficiency with the same resources are the most straightforward ways to improve one’s competitive position in the market.

The initially Finnish Devistat solution for logistics companies is developed in close relationship with operators in the domain and based on their requirements.

Our practical approach and use of intelligent automation in solving their problems of collecting, allocating and sharing information help them instantly cut unproductive work and unnecessary lay down hours of their rolling stock.

The Devistat tool for logistics including all transportation and warehousing has a proven track record of cutting costs and improving quality with already existing recourses. With the help of the Devistat solution, our customers in logistics have seen a significant decrease in operational costs and improvement in quality and efficiency.

The critical thing to our clients is that the Devistat solution is easy to use and it doesn’t need any additional training or IT-savvy personnel. Financial benefits available are easy to see, and it makes everyday life much more comfortable for operational management.