Real-Time Results

The world is gradually learning the importance of real-time data. Hence IOT is becoming more common the real-time data is more readily available. There are two challenges though – the real-time data is generally available only in industries where automated sensors are utilised, and data alone is not useful for managing people even if it was available in real-time.

Those are two problems that the Devistat tool solves reliably. Instead of using hard wired sensors the Devistat collects qualitative information from people via its smart user interface, and in its automated analysis, it turns the received data to the knowledge that can be used for management purposes and decision making.

The immediacy of real-time information reduces personnel turnover and bottlenecks in workplaces that comes from slow information flow or delayed decision-making. People will have more productive workdays when they have a say about their working environment and other essential factors affecting their work.

Using real-time results in decision making saves money. Companies that use traditional solutions to measure job satisfaction or customer feedback must hire someone to specifically record and type up that data and finally analyse it. By switching to a real-time information technology solution, the firm will not only save on employee wages, but also on the need for rework. Transparency of information causes fewer miscommunications and oversights. Real-time information also means improved communication, which will lead to better decisions made by all stakeholders.

When something goes wrong in the workplace, supervisors and managers are aware of the situation immediately when it happens and are able to take prompt actions. This fast flow of communication and information is not possible without smart solutions and mobile technology in place.

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