Task Management

The Digital Task Management System that is supporting the formal reporting is not only a digital archive of documents but also a really powerful management tool.

All the reports and documents are automatically recognised and archived in the document management system. System provides notifications to people in charge when there are new reports to deal with. It also reminds of closing deadlines or other preset time limits.

This system also allows you to forward required reports or documents to interest groups and to designate tasks inside and outside of your organisation. Forwarding reports can become actual for example with insurance companies in case of hazards or other incidents. Designating tasks is an everyday functionality when more information is required or contribution has to be made regarding a specific report.

All the actions, comments, documents and tasks are automatically archived and connected to the original report. The report related logbook provides this information on time line. This feature brings a significant help during audits or when ever there will be questions like who did what, why and when.

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